James P. Frackelton, M.D.
Preventive Medicine Group
July 19, 1927 - November 30, 2012

About Preventive Medicine Group

Preventive Medicine Group is dedicated to a philosophy of preventive health care with an emphasis on good nutrition.  At Preventive Medicine Group, we take into consideration care of the whole body.  We believe in treating the patient, not the disease.  We’re here to treat patients of all ages from newborns to older adults. 

During your visit to Preventive Medicine Group, we initiate a program that emphasizes nutrition, nutrient supplements and exercise to stimulate and improve the immunity and repair functions of the body.  We treat healthy people who want to stay healthy, as well as people with ailments or health problems who are seeking an alternative or complementary approach.

The physicians share more than a century of hospital and private practice experience.  A staff of 25 professionals committed to the best health care possible supports the physicians.

Associated with Preventive Medicine Group is King James Medical Laboratory, Inc. and Westlake Laboratories, a nutritional supplement company. The closeness of the laboratory environment allows the physicians more understanding of the healing process. The supplement company has allowed us the ability to design nutrient supplements for the benefit of our patients.

Preventive Medicine Group    TEL: 440-835-0104   FAX: 440-871-1404